Funtimes Kids Entertainment presents Ian
--our very own authentic Scottish Bagpiper! Ian can provide Bagpipe music for weddings, festivals, parades, special events, and all solemn occasions. Read on below for some great suggestions on when and how to use the bagpipes to enhance your special occasion.

  1. Weddings
    - Use a bagpiper to lead the bride and groom down the aisle and to exit the church after they are announced as Mr. and Mrs.
    - At an outdoor ceremony the bagpipes make a great sound for the beginning or conclusion of the nuptials
    - Have a bagpiper welcome guests to the reception by playing outside near the entrance or away on the lawn

  2. Aniversaries
    - A surprise party will benefit from a bagpiper striking in the pipes to announce the couples arrival
    - Waking up your spouse with a melodious tune played outside her bedroom window

  3. National Holidays (Memorial day, 4th of July)
    - Surprise your guests with America the Beautiful played during the fireworks display

  4. Monument Dedication Ceremonies
    - A bagpiper can add a measure of royalty to a dedication, both public and private, with a rendition after a speech

  5. Company motivational meetings & getting the troops excited
    - The sound of the pipes at full volume will help jolt the audience to attention and wake up the crowd after a long day of meetings

  6. Group Social Events
    - If you plan an outside walking tour of your favorite pubs a piper will give your journey between watering holes a regal appearance and help clear the way at the bar door. Also, as the night continues the sound of the pipes can help stragglers locate the group.

  7. Funerals

  8. - A traditional event for the bagpipes. The bagpiper can play a stirring tune during the service and an upbeat tune as the casket is lowered into the grave

  9. Birthday Parties

  10. - Happy Birthday played on the pipes sounds better than several out of tune friends mumbling the song

Of Special Interest... Since the tragedy of September 11, 2001 many have asked about the reason the bagpipes were played for the fallen police and firefighters. The playing of the pipes at a wake or funeral is a centuries old tradition among the Scots, Irish and British, particularly the solo piper as you might have seen. British military units often had pipe bands and would salute their fallen comrades in this fashion. In the last century many larger US cities formed bagpipe bands often sponsored by the local Emerald Society or St. Andrews Society and because of the large number of Irish and Scots in both the Police Departments and Fire Brigades when one of their own passed away they would bring out the band in honor of their fallen countrymen. The tradition expanded to honor any officer or fireman killed in the line of duty.

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